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5 of My Favourite Travel Throwbacks 

As it’s Thursday and I’m feeling nostalgic having been stuck in the same country for a whole 5 months, I decided to use my next blog post to think about some of the incredible times I’ve had on the road so far. 

5. Barcelona 

A perfect blend of culture and coastline, Barcelona made for the perfect girls week away. I cannot recommend the big red bus tour around the city enough – the three routes allow you to take in every corner of the city whether you want the culture of La Sagrada Familia, food on Las Ramblas or the sporty side of Camp Nou. 

On arrival, and nursing a hangover, we headed straight to the beach to sunbathe (and nap) before going for a paella and starting our adventure properly the next day. 

Experiences not to be missed include the Picasso Museum, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya – even if you don’t like art, it’s a great place to go for skyline views across the city and a walk through the grounds – and of course, La Sagrada Familia, however when we went it was covered in scaffolding, but still an incredible piece of architectural artwork. 

As an avid football supporter the highlight of my trip to Barcelona is probably different to most people who visit the city, and was the tour of Camp Nou (pictured above). The history of Barcelona as a football club is admirable and even looking back at my pictures now blows me away at just how amazing the ground is. The tour allows you to visit the museum, see behind the scenes of the ground and visit the world class club shop. A tour not to be missed – I went with a friend who isn’t a football fan whatsoever, and she also thoroughly enjoyed it. 

4. Disneyland Florida and Florida Keys

As our last family holiday before I flew the nest we jetted off to Florida to fulfil every child’s dream and visit Walt Disney World (even if I was 16 at the time)! We spent two weeks exploring Orlando and balancing our time between Disney and Universal Studios, as well as checking out the endless lists of shopping malls and superstores. 

However our holiday wasn’t bound simply to Orlando, and my Dad planned five days to end the trip in Key West, the most southern point of the United States. Full of swanky hotels but off the beaten track, Key West offers a Caribbean feel mixed with water sports, beautiful beaches and incredible sunsets. 

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia

The lng weekend I spent in Siem Reap was one of the best I’ve ever had. After spending three hours trying to cross the Thailand/Cambodia border and 5 hours crammed into a hot and sweaty mini bus, I was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it before I’d every arrived. And it so was. 

Having spent almost a month in rural time, the surprisingly western feel of the city was breathtaking and a meal at Hard Rock Cafe left me feeling more positive about things. 

The next day began with a 3.30am wake up call and off I went to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, a former wonder of the world (I’m the white dot on the left). I spent five hours exploring the complex of temples and could have easily stayed longer. After a quick power nap I headed out for a traditional Cambodian buffet before angering the night markets and enjoying a night out on Pub Street. With drinks only $1, the night was crazy. 

The next day was spent exploring the hidden gems of Siem Reap on the back of a tuktuk including the killing fields, a floating river and an orchid farm. 

I don’t want to give too much away as I’m planning a future blog post based solely on Siem Reap and what it has to offer, but I would highly recommend Siem Reap and Cambodia as a whole to any traveller.

2. Grand Canyon

As a natural wonder of the world and something that has always been on my bucket list, it’s no surprise that the Grand Canyon is one of my favourite travel memories. 5 hours each way from Las Vegas to reach the South Rim was rewarded the second we stepped off the bus to absorb the views. 

Words can’t do the Grand Canyon justice it’s beautiful, amazing, and truly takes your breath away. And I’ll definitely be going back – I would love to go on a raft ride down the middle of the Grand Canyon or take a helicopter ride over the top. Best get saving! 

1. Iceland 

The travel memory that has never been topped, even after travelling the world, was the week I spent travelling around Iceland. I don’t want to share any pictures now as I’m very excited to dedicate a blog post purely to this trip and share some of the places I visited, slightly off the beaten track, to help future visitors plan their trips, and share my love for the country with you.

Happy Wandering x



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